Mandie Bigelow

I write no-BS, value packed blog posts that help personal development businesses grow their online presence and authority.


Hi! My name is Mandie. I'm a personal development blog writer and certified life coach.

My goal is to help your business AND your audience succeed. 

I write no-BS, value packed blog posts that help businesses grow their online presence and authority.
So if you run or work for a personal development, self-help, or health & wellness business that needs great content, look no further!

My blog posts - what you get:

1. No meaningless jargon to fill space
2. Original, engaging content that will provide value to your readers
3. Images (optional)
4. Keyword optimization for search engines

In my business, if a post won't make a positive difference in someone's life, it's not worth writing.

About Me

Besides writing, I love doing handstands, eating chocolate & peanut butter desserts, watching Celtics basketball, competing in Spikeball tournaments, exploring new towns/cities, and doing most of these with my husband. I'm a self-improvement addict. I love learning about anything that helps me be the best version of myself I can be, and helping others by sharing the knowledge through writing.

I've been studying personal development, health & wellness, relationships, and spirituality, for ten years (as of 2018).
I'm a certified Reiki Practitioner, and a student in my husband's martial arts school where personal development is a core value we study and apply to life.
I'm also writing a book with my husband (who's a life coach as well) called The Enlightened Relationship, which describes the concepts and tools we use to keep our relationship happy and stable.

I named my business The Success Sleuth because I have always loved solving mysteries. One of my greatest passions is solving the mystery of what stops us from being the best versions of ourselves and from living a happy and successful life.

I write about not just what I've learned intellectually, but from real personal experience and successes I've had in my own growth. As you may imagine, I'm not short on topic ideas your audience will love - such as how to set and actually achieve goals, how to bust mental blocks that hold you back, how to boost self-confidence, how to fix what's really going wrong in your relationships, and how to cultivate a mindset for success.

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Here's to growth and success!



What readers are saying

I like to think I know when to be professional and when to be well...not

(Hey, we all have an inner child (or monkey) that sometimes needs to come out and play!)

Seriously though, I will do my best to not do crap that pisses people off. (Like not communicating clearly, missing deadlines, delivering unpolished work, etc.) Nobody likes that stuff!


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