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Practical advice for finding self-confidence, happiness, love, and success in life.


If you want to...

1. Develop your self-awareness and self-understanding

2. Overcome mental blocks (like fear, self-criticism, overthinking, doubt, and procrastination)

3. Connect with your true self/higher self

4. Grow your self-confidence and perceived self-worth

5. Have more inner peace and less resistance to life

6. Improve your relationships

7. Change negative and self-sabotaging behavior patterns for good

... you'll find these subjects in my blog.

Hi! My name is Mandie.

I'm a writer, certified life coach, learning and growing addict, wife, Spikeball player, martial artist, former gymnast, and Ninja Warrior fan.

I started this blog to help people motivated for growth and change find the confidence, happiness, love, and success they're searching for in life.

Motivated by my parents' divorce when I was eighteen, I began studying relationships. Realizing that you can't have a healthy relationship without working on yourself, I began studying things like psychology, spirituality, and mindfulness.

I worked through several mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns that were sabotaging me and the relationship I was in at the time.

I've been fortunate to come across some amazing authors and spiritual leaders, and meet a mentor that had a profound impact on my personal growth journey - my husband.

I want to share with you all the things I've learned that have helped me grow the most. I also make sure to include actionable tools and strategies, not just to help you make positive changes, but to make those changes stick.

Are you ready to change your life for the better?

Head on over to my blog!

All the best,


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